Stop wasting money on pre-employment medicals

Is your company shelling out millions for no real reason? It can be quite costly when a worker gets injured. Pre-employment medical assessments are crucial to determine the safety of workers. They are an indicator of potential costs that will incur if an employee gets injured and has a pre-existing injury or underlying condition. A […]

3 ways to lower your workers’ compensation bill

1. Stop injured workers walking through your door The most cost-effective way to lower your workers’ compensation bill is simple: Stop pre-existing injuries from walking into your business. By choosing effective pre-employment medical assessments, you can save up to 50% on your workers compensation premiums as your workplace injuries decrease. The most common types of […]

Why online pre-employment assessments are taking the world by storm

Quicker, faster and just as effective, online pre-employment assessments are delivering the same results as traditional methods in a fraction of the time. Turnaround time of pre-employment medical assessments is one of the biggest bugbears of recruiters, and now that hurdle has been conquered by technology. An online screening can be completed within one business […]