Suremploy Connect

Suremploy Connect is a secure web-based purpose-built portal that both clients and prospective candidates will utilize to book, track and receive outcomes/reports of an application.

Suremploy leverages online and video conferencing technology to offer a secure, effective and efficient screening process. By keeping all data and interactions electronic, we offer end-to-end tracking of a candidate’s application allowing us to ensure fast turnaround times and accurate recommendations. Suremploy’s reporting and analytic systems allow us to constantly monitor and fine-tune our business processes delivering even greater benefit to our customers.

As an innovation leader, Suremploy was one of the first organisations to move to a fully online assessment model in 2015. Our turnaround times reduced to 25% of the previous benchmark, and our leading ability to detect pre-existing pathology remained high. Suremploy has conducted over 60,000 assessments using the online model, and our industry-leading outcomes remain the same, as compared to the tens of thousands of assessments performed with the traditional methods.

Suremploy has developed our own proprietary purpose-built telehealth tool, SureLink. This allows candidates to complete their entire pre-employment medical from start to finish (complete their information profiles, questionnaire(s), book their assessment and attend their assessment) via one simple, user-friendly and secure system. Suremploy has total control and ownership of this program.


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