Our Story

Suremploy’s pre-employment assessment model has been developed over the past 21 years. Tom Aune, the Founder and Director of Suremploy, started completing pre-employment assessments while running successful physiotherapy clinics. Over the years, Tom and his team have refined and finessed the tool to become the industry gold standard for ensuring companies hire the right person for the right role. Suremploy screening questionnaires and telehealth physical assessments have been used over 100,000 times.

Our reputation is built on our unique strength in detecting pre-existing injuries or underlying pathologies before applicants are employed. We have a purpose-built technology platform that allows us to deliver outcomes that are both more cost-effective and efficient to assist with a seamless recruitment process.

Our purpose is to provide our clients with confidence in recruiting the right person for the job, which in turn creates safe and productive workplaces.

Suremploy specialises in the following:

  • industry-leading injury detection rate
  • physical and mental risk ratings
  • resolved recommendations on suitability

Providing services to a variety of industries. We have proven success in providing health and safety services that help reduce lost-time injury rates and workers compensation claims costs. Furthermore, Suremploy has assisted clients with their employee retention rates by reducing staff turnover by 29%.

You want the truth? You can’t handle the truth!

The day after this brainstorming session the penny dropped for Tom that would change the course of the next decade for Suremploy.

On that particular day, he was running behind schedule. This usually means that your notes get pushed back until you finish for the day in an attempt to catch up. As chance would have it, Tom had a new private physio patient with knee pain followed by a pre-employment assessment. Fast forward to the end of the day and catching up on notes, he had an AHA lightbulb moment.

The notes he was writing for the patient with knee pain told him so much of history about not just their knee but other past injuries and limitations with certain tasks to be avoided.

When it came to the previous history for this person applying for the job it was a different story they hardly gave any information. It was as if he had lived an ache and pain free life up until this point. But here’s the thing, this person wasn’t an exception to the rule, this person was the rule. We have seen this time and time again.

As we took a step back and looked at the case, we saw the glaring bias these people have coming in for a pre-employment assessment had.

It was in their best interest not to tell you anything or tell as little as they possibly could because anything they do tell is thought to will be used to make a case to not give them the job.

Tom and the team spent the next five years and over 25,000 in person assessments developing, testing and fine tuning a proprietary system to extract the true history from these applicants.

I’m going to share the power of this process and the radical difference it makes in reducing workplace injuries.

The Transition To Online

It was around the 25000 assessment mark that we were offered an opportunity to deliver our assessments for one of our national clients; however, being a brick and mortar clinic working out of the Central Coast, we didn’t have the resources or staff to offer assessments to applicants all over the country.

It just wasn’t practical but more importantly, the unique process we used meant we wouldn’t be able to provide the consistency to realise the amazing results we were getting.

We looked again at our competitors offering nationwide assessments to potentially model their process. Unfortunately, the scalability model used was to contract out to different physiotherapy clinics, often resulting in the booking going to anyone who had time in their schedule, many of whom had never performed a pre-employment assessment.

We quickly realised that this model wouldn’t work for us. At this stage, we had transitioned from a physio clinic offering pre-employment assessments to a renamed company called Suremploy that only focused on delivering world class pre-employment assessments.

Thankfully, the company we were working with was as innovative as we were. So, it was back to the drawing board. This time, we were looking to find a way to deliver consistent outcomes that were location independent.

The stars had aligned, and although Australia was still running about 10 years behind on the NBN roll out, technology was at a point where telehealth was becoming a feasible option.

We thought outside the box and decided to test our model online using Skype-based pre-employment assessments initially and since transitioning to our own purpose-built system. This allowed applicants to be assessed by therapists trained in our model from the comfort of their own homes. It also allowed us to service people in rural areas, across the ditch, and we even assessed someone living in Madagascar who was moving back to Australia for work.

Initially, the fear was that we wouldn’t be able to generate the same results and outcomes online vs our traditional in-person model. What we saw, however, when we compared our first 10.000 online assessments to the last 10,000 in-person assessments was that the results were identical,allowing us to maintain consistency in our service delivery.

We also saw an unexpected benefit of the online platform we built;our clients were seeing an improved turnaround time from 10-12 days down to less than 48 hours,meaning the right staff were doing what they do best – faster.

“The only way you can save money via pre-employment screening is to detect pre-existing injury and stop those people from walking into a job that’s going to injure them.”

The Suremploy model has been a dedicated pre-employment assessment since 2000 with over 130,000 assessments completed nationwide.

Our purpose is to instil our clients with confidence in recruiting the right person for the job, which in turn creates safe and productive workplaces. Industry leading injury detection rates and resolved recommendations on suitability display the high performance rate of Suremploy assessments.

Suremploy has provided pre-employment screening services to Australian Companies
for over 20 years and has a stellar track record of delivering value by: