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Our 360° Difference

Suremploy offers 360° Pre-Employment Physical Assessments that are designed to provide companies with confidence in their hiring process. Our assessments utilize the latest technology, including algorithms, AI learning, and industry expertise, to give a comprehensive view of potential employees. At Suremploy, we believe in partnering with innovative companies that are committed to creating a safer, healthier workforce. We offer comprehensive pre-employment medical assessments to ensure that your potential hires are a good fit for the job, and we provide Fitness for Work Assessments for existing employees who have suffered an injury. Our goal is to help create a safe work environment so employees can thrive and return home to their families with peace of mind. In addition, we also offer mental health and well-being services, as mental health is more important than ever in today’s ever-changing world. Our Global Functional Inventory (GFI) is a world-class psychometric tool that measures an individual’s mental function as it pertains to their job. With Suremploy, you can have confidence that you are making the right hiring decisions for a safer and more productive workplace.

Suremploy Connect

Suremploy’s services are made even more convenient and efficient with the use of our user-friendly platform, Suremploy Connect. This booking platform allows clients to easily upload candidate information and complete pre-employment medical assessments. Hiring managers and applicants have 24/7 access to the platform, which leads to faster turnaround times compared to industry standards.

The process of using Suremploy Connect is simple and straightforward, with just five key steps:

  1. Register: Hiring managers can quickly register applicants by providing their names and contact information.

  2. Login: Applicants can easily log in to complete the Advanced Risk Profiler.

  3. Booking: If any additional assessments are required, applicants can schedule them directly within the platform.

  4. Tracking: Keep track of the status of each applicant’s assessments in real-time, 24/7.

  5. Result: Results are available within 30 minutes of the completion of the assessment, giving you the information you need to make informed hiring decisions.

With Suremploy Connect, you can streamline your hiring process, ensure that candidates are a good fit for the job, and make informed decisions quickly and easily.

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